Turner met his new family Sept 2008, when Brian drove to Michigan to pick up a starving dog, who had been thrown away and was very afraid of being thrown out again. Turner worried that if the door closed and he was outside, he would never get inside again. Fortunately, it took him less than a week to realize that Brian not only looks like Santa, he also tenderly loves fur children.

Turner's favorite place is being curled up on Brian's lap. Turner has found people he trusts, who got him back to a good weight and who hope he lives to age 15 like the last Sammy who owned this house! We are very proud of Turner & Brian's accomplishments, which include passing 4 obedience classes for a Sociable Degree as well as Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Titles, all in 12 months- Way to Go Turner!


These 2 loving gentle brothers have traveled a long way for their forever home, starting out in the Humane Society in Nebreska. We promised to keep these boys together, and they are! What a happy ending in Maryland! Samson & Dallas are good travelers, but now are where they belong in their forever home.

Here is hoping these two inseparable brothers bring your house joy and open conversations with your neighbors and lots of Sammy Smiles.


Samson 83 lbs, strong, silent type, picky eater, door stop.
Dallas 62 lbs, curious, affection-seeking.


CASEY BURTON:   When we had to put our beloved Sammy, Kody, down at aged 14, we were devastated.  I told my husband I would not get another dog because it was just too hard when they have to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  I lasted about a year.  The house was sooo quiet.  So, I began looking for another Sammy, but did not want a pup.  I know the older ones are harder to place and we wanted a rescue.  I contacted the Michigan Samoyed Rescue when I saw Casey on Petfinder. I was still doubtful that another Sammy could  win my heart the way the others had.  BUT, when Casey walked in our door for the home visit, I started to cry.  He reminded me of Kody but he was still himself.  He laid down and offered me his belly to pet and I knew he had found his forever  home.  He has been very happy here and we love him so much. January will  start our 4th year together.   Thank you, Rich and Sue, for bringing us our wonderful Casey.     There is so much to be said for Senior Sammys!



LEVI ~ I have moved to my forever home here at the Baker house and I love my new sister Shanti. We play all day and take lots of walks, rollerblading and now ski jouring.

Life is great.

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me this wonderful life.


SUGAR -   Sugar was such a shy girl when she first came to rescue, but quickly learned that people and other dogs were fun and easy to be around.    It takes a very special family to socialize a dog as shy as Miss Sugar was, but her foster family has taken her confidence to new levels, and fell in love with her in the process.     Sugar now has her own forever family to call her own and a Sammy brother named Windy to make everything complete.    Thank you Rob & April, you are both amazing animal people, rehabilitating these dogs with your kindness & patience!

You are such a lucky young lady to have found your new Mom Pat.   The long drive was worth it for you to become the special princess that you are!   Sometimes dog & owner need each other equally to make life complete for both.    What a wonderful extended network of family & friends you both have that care so much for both of you!    Marley was the star student at obedience class and Marley girl you are one of the extra  spoiled Samoyeds who  get a Huge Birthday Party Bash for all your dog friends & humans !    BE HAPPY LUCKY GIRL :-)


Nikki:   Long walks along the shores of Lake Michigan, now that’s what I call the good dog life!    Nikki will be spending her time at the lake with her forever Mom & Dad, taking nice walks on the beach and snuggling in at dusk to watch pretty sunsets….what a lucky dog Nikki is!    Thank you for letting Nikki into your hearts & home so she can be the little princess she is !




Casper:    Casper is living a perfect retirement life with his best Sammy sister Kaya.    Casper has settled beautifully into his “non-cat” home, where life is wonderful and there are no kitties to chase !  Casper is such a gentleman and we are extremely grateful to his new Mom & Dad  for taking such good care of Casper, thank you!




Ceasar :   What a gentle big boy, a loving angel and now the pride & joy and constant companion for Erika.    Ceasar is a wonderful dog and is so lucky to have found the perfect retirement home including his new kitty friend Coffee!




Akira:    Thankfully Akira’s  medical issues are improving and she is on her way to good health in 2008!    Your adoptive Mom & Dad are giving you the best possible care & love that any dog could ever ask for and we are forever grateful to them.    Thank you both for letting Akira & Tasha remain together by adopting them both!




Tasha:   You are such a lucky girl to be able to romp & play in the vast open areas of your new home and to continue sharing life with your sister Akira.    Tasha is such a loving young girl with so much love to give,  thank goodness she has found her special family to love & care forever in return!




Pops:  Can you spell B-U-S-T-E-D!  Check this out. Every morning Pops would come running through the house with the box of baking soda, so one morning I waited with the camera ready...  Amazingly enough he could get it down, run with it, and not spill any.  Pops continues to do great.  He's quite a character and constantly entertaining the family!




Brooke: Brooke is a true character.  She likes to paw you and snarls at you just to be a little brat.  It's her way of demanding attention.  She will also lick hands, feet, arms and faces (if you're not attentive enough to block this) any time that she can get to you.  She has shown her true colors as a bird/mouse/moth dog and likes to off any of these that run across her path.  She's super-sweet so I'm confused by her hunting addiction.



Brooke and her boyfriend Jake are like an old married couple.  She irritates him because she always has to be the first one out the door whether he's in front of her or not and he's been squished many times.  He now waits at the door off to the side like a true gentleman so that she can go first.  It's much safer this way. 






Lexi: Please check out the success story my new brother wrote about me.

(word doc)

I'm so happy to have found my "forever" family.





Sadie (previously Mercedes ) is my name now, and I am so extremely lucky to have my new forever family.  My foster family decided I was the best girl, and they wanted to keep me!   I am so grateful!    Now my days are spent walking & playing with Riley and Liam and being the princess of the house.    And even though I have a fondness for the great taste of leather, my mom & dad still love me very much!  

By the way, Sadie's shaved fur coat has been replaced by her luxurious coat,
she is so happy and healthy and loved.   Thanks Darlene & Kevin, you are the best!!


A cute white puppy maybe a year old but still a playful puppy turned up after my wife went searching for another dog after we had lost our Husky Sting to a terrible night of seizures….(he was only 3). Naturally we were upset and I thought it would be good to get another dog as soon as possible.

Linda found Polar Bear (Po) online and we contacted Richard and who brought by one of their dogs looking for a home. I liked the dog immediately. Jimmy Pop (as we named him) won our hearts very quickly and he has been a buddy to both of us and good company for our rough collie, Sally.

Jimmy is good dog always looking to assert himself when he sees another dog but only to make friends.




I met Amelia on 9/16/06 at the Sammy rescue picnic after I had exercised several white fluffies.  She was sitting under a tree and I walked up to her and it was love at first sight.

I was still grieving the loss of my Maya Bear so I hesitated to take her home and she was adopted soon after by a family.  On 11/5/06, I received a message from MSR telling me that she was back.  I drove up the same day and picked her up and she is now with her forever home.  What a wonderful dog!  Forever to be loved, Amelia Bedelia Maya


Cassidy, now known as Sonya SweetPea Cechetti, is loving every minute of her new found happiness! The good life started during her heartworm recovery, Cassidy had the BEST foster home ever imagined, thank you Kevin & Darlene and boys! Your forever home had been searching for you and Sonya you will be loved and cared for the rest of your days. Thank goodness we found you when we did, because life on the streets is not meant for a good hearted dog like yourself! You have been given so many opportunities to blossom and be loved as every dog should enjoy! Sonya, you return your gratitude & love tenfold to your human care-givers, what a glorious example to follow!



Smokey - went to his new forever family just before Thanksgiving, and so there is a lot to be thankful for!     Smokey’s dad loved him so much to want only the very best for him.   Smokey has been adopted by a great family who spoils him and treats him like a king.  Smokey loves children and now has his own little girl to take care of & watch over.   Thank you for the love of Smokey! Smokey

Corey is a lucky girl! She has been adopted by a wonderful family that has loved Sammies for years! Corey has two Sammy’s to share life with, Echo & Dodger, some kitty cats, and an awesome Mom & Dad to lead the way and spoil everyone rotten! Corey is a beautiful girl that so deserves the love & attention of her forever family!

Little Buddy - I have found my forever family, and life is sure good! I have a new dog brother, he is an Italian Greyhound, he sure is a fast buddy! I feel so loved, I get to go on a walk daily and once a week we go to the dog park! It’s such a nice place for the dogs to run and play with other dogs. It's a huge fenced in 13+ acres where there are trails and even a pond for dogs to swim - we love it and so do the dogs. Buddy loves to play with all of the dogs there and he even gets a chance to play with some other Sammys every once in awhile. He listens very well too: he always comes when I call, he sits, shakes hands, and lies down on command - he's so smart!

We love him so much and he's just what our family needed & we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is such a sweet, cuddly, obedient boy - he is truly our "little buddy" and we will love him forever! Thank you so much for letting him be a part of our family!



Bonzo - Bonzo sure has come a very long way on his successful journey from the City of Detroit Animal Control.

Bonzo now lives the life of a country gentleman farmer, although the sheep & chickens steer plenty clear of him!    Bonzo has grown back his beautiful coat and is happy and healthy and thriving under the care of his adoptive forever family.


Caruso (previously Kuvo) is my name now, my family thinks that I have a spectacular voice so I am privileged to carry the name!

Caruso is a lucky boy to have joined such a patient family of dog lovers
where is free to be the wonderful dog that he has become.   Your family is Amazing and we are so lucky to have you all included in our Sammy Rescue extended family!


Jazz and Tuff - Just want to drop a line and say the boys are doing fine. We are still trying to get our cat to accept them. She was starting to come around until about a week ago they spotted her in the driveway when we were bring groceries in and chased her around the yard and up a tree. Now she's not so sure again. They just want to see her and play but she's skeptical.

Other than that, things are going great. They love to go for rides in the car (every day!!) and for walks at the waterfront. Everyone is amazed how well the behave. A big thanks to you guys.


Here's a picture. They are QUITE comfortable.

Jake - What a sweet boy! He found the perfect family with 3 young children to play with. At around 4 years old he has plenty of love to give. We are happy for Jake and his new family.


Gena (Mangenta) - This cutie wasn't on our available list but a week. She has since found her forever family and will be a great joy and provide them with much love.
Kubota - When this big guy came in we said it was going to take a special kind of family to take care of him properly and that is just what we found him. A mom that goes jogging with him every day and a whole big family to love on him all the time to mention the two other four legged friends he has in the house. We learned a lot from you big Bota and we wish you all the happiness in the world!
Brook - Here I am on my own little ranch I have a mom and dad that love me very much and horses to run and play with all the time. This is the perfect home for me no other Sammys to share my time with and a mom and dad that give me all the time a girl could need. We will miss you little girl but all of us at MSR are glad that you are happy.

Sadie - This is a first four legged baby for her new mom and dad and boy are they excited about getting to know her. Sadie is such a sweet girl and we enjoyed her while she stayed with us but we were so happy to see her go to her forever home. Her mom says she already follows her around the house. Sadie we are glad that you are so happy in your new home and we can not wait to see you again soon!


Caycee - While Caycee was not with MSR for long we sure did love her while she was here. We knew the minute we meant her new dad and mom that they were the right house for her. She has a great big malamute brother that she loves to get all goobered up and has already gotten over Several of her fears. Thanks for helping Caycee get through some of her tough times she will love you as much as you love her!
Lilly - Even with no coat and just getting over Ring Worm my new mom and dad loves me just the same and I even have a four legged sister to run and play with while they are away. With a great big yard to play in and a mom and dad that love me with all their heart I could not have it any better then I do here. Good Luck to all my Rescue Sammy brother and sisters waiting for a family of their own.
Baby Boo - Boy of Boy do my new mom and dad love me. I wanted to be an only child and that I am. Although I have some brothers that use to live here and they love me to pieces too. You should see it they treat me like I have been here forever. I could not have done a better job if I had picked my family out myself (Oh yea that is right I did pick them). Well thanks for helping me get here MSR I sure am happy!
Sparkle - When we took Sparkle to meet her new family for the first time she had a blast checking out the house and the yard. She played quit a it with her new two legged sister who loves her very much and then we packed up to head home. We opened the door on the van and Sparkle ran back to the front door and sat. She wanted to be sure we knew she had made her decision. Sparkle will be forever loved by her new family.
Jasper - Jasper's parents came to MSR looking for a young female and left with an 8 year old Jasper :) This is a perfect case of the Sammy picks their family. When Jaspers new mom walked in the yard he came to her side and has not left it since. With plenty of land to play on and a mom and dad that love him Very much there is no place he would rather be.
Ally - My sister Sparkle and I decided it would be best to split ways but I have two much more mature sisters that are teaching me the way of the walk. My dad loves us girls and just spoils us rotten. I could not be getting more lovin or attention then I get here with my perfect new family. Smiles to All!
Mally - This sweet girl was in the rescue for 1 year 4 months and someone decided they may want to adopt her and her foster mom decided there was no way she could let her go. She will roo roo roo till the cows come home and the best part is her mom does it right along with her. Her dad recently had a stroke and she will not be found any place but laying by his side seeing to it that he is okay. We are so glad that you found your place pretty lady you deserve them as much as they deserve you ;-)
Coda - I know what you are thinking Hey that is no Sammy and you are right she is not but when we walked in to the shelter there is no way we could have turned and walked out with out her. Her Grandma and Grandpa adopted Liberty one of our most special cases and she just loves them. She has a mom and dad that almost understand what she says in her little doggie words. She also has tons of land to run and play on and a four legged brother to play on it with. We look forward to seeing you again soon Coda and we are So happy that you came in and touched our hearts!
Stevie - I found exactly what I needed a dad with the patients of a Saint. You see when I got to him I was two years old and had not had Any training at all so I was your typical bouncy, hyper yet loving male Sammy. When I came to visit my dad the first time I heard him keep telling the MSR people how much he loved me already and all of his plans for me and my new classes and I could hardly wait. It was music to my ears when I heard them say this was to be my new forever home. With a four legged brother to play with and such a wonderful dad there is no place I would rather be. Have fun Stevie and be a Good Boy ;-)
Donnie - I did it I did it! I found a mom that says even if my back legs are not as perfect as the next guys she is going to love me forever anyway. I may not move as fast or as much as some of my brother Sammys I can still go on nice walks with mom and cuddle with the best of them. Oh what a lucky dog I am! And what a lucky family your family is to have such a sweet dog as you Donnie we love ya.
Ruby - Although her picture is a bit of a blur her stay with us here at the Michigan Samoyed Rescue was not. She came in scared of where she was and where she was going she did not even want to eat and by the time she left she had four new family members. Now she has a great big yard to run and play in and a mom, dad and siblings that want nothing more then to love her and be sure she is happy. We send you on with love Ruby!
Blizzard - When this big guy came in to us he was very unsure of himself and everyone around him but we worked with him a bit trying to help make him more comfortable with people and he made enough progress to go and find his very own family. He has a mom and dad that take care of their two four legged babies as if the world moves around them. Enjoy your new life beautiful boy!
Snowball - Oh man do I love to run and play with the little ones and that is just what I get to do. Not only do I have my very own sister (she lets me sleep in her bed) but she has tons of friends right here on our street and we get to go run and play all the time. My mom and dad love me just like I have been here forever and you are not going to believe this but I even have my very own cat to play with! Sammy Smiles to you in your journey ahead Snowball ;-)
Roxie - With a mom and dad that love her immensely and a four legged sibling to run and play with Roxie could not be happier. It was only by chance that we found her hiding in a corner kennel when we went to pick up another Sammy mix but Thank Goodness we did because not only has she completed her family but her family has completed her. We loved having you here little girl if you ask us we think you should spell Roxie H-A-P-P-Y!
Casper - Well between my three little human siblings, my dad taking me for three mile runs every day and mom walking me I would say I a pretty set wouldn't you?!?! I am so happy to be here I just cant even stop my tail. While I sure didn't stick around for long I am sure happy the these kind folks that rescued me found me my family! See ya around handsome keep enjoying your new family just the way you are :)
Bliz aka Max - Max got it good he has two parents that are going to love him always and a Sammy that though she may be getting old until he came to play. On top of all of that he has a human sister and brother that love to pay catch and tug of war I can imagine this guy get wore out pretty quick with all of those wonderful people there to play with him all the time. They are actively working on giving him lots of snacks to get some weight on those bones. We will miss ya buddy but we know how loved you are!
Lucy - We knew beautiful little Miss. Lucy Lou would not be here for long and look here we were right. She has two human brother and a human sister to play with all of the time. The hardest part of the new life Lucy has found is which one to follow around the house for the night. You want to talk about Spoiled we think this little girl has it better then she ever could have dreamed she would! Sammy smiles pretty lady!
Bear III - Bear has gotten a most perfect family of four that walk him and play ball with him every day. His mom recently called and said he seems to be sleeping a lot which we completely understand after we got to hear about all the fun stuff he gets to do. Mr. Bear we cant wait to hear all your fun filled stories!
Riley - Who could have guessed there could be such a perfect match! This little guy has 4 human siblings that love to tend to him all day every day. He gets to go for a walk every night and play ball too! When it comes to being dedicated his family could not be more then they are. We loved having you here little man but could not be happier for you where you are!
Crumpet - Our little car chaser finally found her forever home. She has a 13 year old owner that keeps her by his side every place he goes and we have no doubt that these two are going to be a Wonderful team forever. She now has a family with no other dogs so they can dedicate all of their time and lovin to just this one little Sammy just the way Crumpet wanted! We will miss ya girl but we could not be more confident you are going to be well cared for and loved very much.
Ace - Although we are not sure there will be another dog that will be able to connect with All of us the way Ace did he is in the perfect Ace spot! He has two doggie friends to play with and two siblings that will play with him as much as he can. Not to mention the dedication and devotion his parents have already shown to him. Thanks for coming by to spend so time with us and teach us a thing or two Ace you will be Loved here forever.
Hermione - I was in and out in a hurry! MSR got to know me and got me all cleaned up (my fur was in rather poor condition) and I was not feeling very well either. My family knew when they saw me I was the one for them. I live with just my mom, dad and four legged sister but I have all kinds of company it seems before my mom and dad picked up on the four legged part of life they had some of those two legged babies and they come to visit us all the time! I am very under weight and my parents are very determine to help me get healthy fast ;-)
Flower - Just like there is someone out there for everyone there is a family for every Sammy and I have mine! My said when she called MSR she wanted a white fluffy that would cuddle up for a good show and lots of lovin. When I heard my foster mom and dad talking I knew this was a family for me. I could not be happier then I am with my mom, dad, brother and sister. Thanks for picking me guys you are the best!
B - Who would have known it was possible I mean 6 people in my house that want to just love on me. I have a grandma, grandpa, mom, aunt, sister and a brother too. My old foster mom says what that equals is a whole bunch of walks and even more time for playing ball. I will miss both of my old families that is for sure but I don't think it gets any better then this!
Sapphire - Well I am off Buckeye Samoyed Rescue and the Michigan Samoyed Rescue both thought that my home was just perfect for me and I don't thin k they could have been more right. Did I mention I have a 30 acre farm to live on with horses, cats, ferret's and other dogs. That is not even including all of the human people that are here to detail on me. Well hats off to rescue I am right where I belong.
Honey - Have you ever hear of a dog that gets to go to work with her mom? Well that is me a dog that gets to go to work with mom and anywhere else she goes too. Her and I we are best friends see and we are going to be together forever. I don't need anyone but mom cause he has enough love to keep me healthy and growing forever! Who knew this little ole Cocker dog could find a home thought the Michigan Samoyed Rescue but I did and I could not be happier!
Mercedes - I am home I am home I am home! And how lucky I am to be here I have two human brothers and a big ole Mal to pal around with. My mom and dad sure do know how to make a girl feel loved. I guess all I can say now is I hope all of my fellow rescue sammy's out there are going to be able to find a home as loving as mine!
Star - Walking, walking, walking that is my favorite way to spend my time and how perfect is that because that is what my new parents love to do as well. I love the water and the snow and guess what I am right by the water and in a major snow belt. Lucky girl, lucky girl I am for sure a lucky girl! Click here to see more of me.
Blue - I had to wait a little while but it was well worth the wait. While I was living it up in my wonderful foster home my mom and dad were out there looking for me and finally we met. I am going to be spending my days going on five mile runs and taking some classes with mom. I can only hope that every rescue dog out there can be as lucky as I am. Click here to read even more about me from my mom.
Flash - All of our Sammys that come in are special in one way or another but Flash will forever hold his place in my heart! This little guy was in a Terrible home for 8 months but I can pretty much guarantee a week in his current home made up for that time they love him so much! Flash does not want to do anything with his time but show love and now he is in a home where he gets it back ten folds. Flash's mom and dad love him more then I could have ever dreamed and for that I thank them! Lots of love to you special boy!
Sega - What a perfect fit we found for him. Sega had a rough road while traveling to us but I am sure now that he is in his forever home he would do it all again just to get to his mom. Sega is not real fond of other dogs but he is lucky enough to have a mom that takes him on lots of walks to help try to make him feel safe and try to help me understand no one and nothing is going to hurt him. What a lucky boy he is! You will be missed buddy! Click here to read more about me.
Anna - Anna Banana we called her. She could very easily be voted most stubborn and yet so loving at the same time. Anna wanted to have a show down when she first came in but who could blame her after living out side for four years with no love and attention. Now she is in a home with lots of land to play on a dad and mom that love her Very much and a Sammy brother to romp and play with all day and all night! You will be missed big girl be good!
Buddy - Thanks goodness for indoor living! My mom and dad are first time doggie parents and let me tell you that I could not have it any better! Long walks around the block, snuggle time at night in front of the T.V and did I mention I get to be indoors now. Sometimes I just lay here in my nice warm home and I think how lucky I must be to have a family that loves me so much! Click here to see my mom, my dad and I.
Oscar - I made it I made it I made it! My foster mom said when I came in that there was one home out there that was going to be Perfect for me "just the home I needed" and she was right! I am living in a doggie castle! My dad has a couple sledding teams that he just loves (and I do to) but guess who gets to walk free while he feeds them and guess who gets to ride in the front of the truck... You guessed it me!!! A bit of advice for all my fellow rescue Sammys waiting to find their perfect match "hang in there it is well worth the wait".
Boo - Boo has now found his perfect family, he has a human mom and dad and one Sammy brother. No one really know much of Boo's story before he came to live with MSR but we can tell you that he could not have it any better now! He has a large yard to play in and free run of his house with Nikko (who by the way was adopted from Play it Again Sams in WI). Boo was a pleasure to have around but just think of how lucky he is in the home that he found! Click here to read more about me!
Peanut - He was here and gone in a flash when we found his new family we knew it was right. His new mom and dad have had two Sammy babies in the past and they both lived long and healthy lives! They have toys, toys and more toys for me to play with and pull apart and I know living here there is an endless supply and that makes me the luckiest puppy in the world! Thank You Michigan Samoyed Rescue.

Solomon - Well this is my new little girl! She brought me in as a foster dog and decided she just could not let me go. I cant wait for winter so I can pull her and her big brother around on a sled! Dad can rest at ease knowing I am home taking care of everyone while he is away and I am always the first to great him when he gets home. I love that I have new dogs to play with all the time but it is nice to see them all get new homes too! This is the life!

Bob - I have gone to live with Solar's family so I could give them lots of Sammy kisses when they need them most. I am having lost of fun playing with the kittens but they don't seem to be real fond of the idea so my mom, my sister and the good people at the Michigan Samoyed Rescue are working on getting us over this hump but I think we will all get use to each other soon! Have fun Bob (but not to much). ;-)
Samantha - Whew I loved my foster family they were very good to me but I am very happy to be able to have a home of my very own where I get to go for long walks with mom and dad and be able to just come home and take a nap after we are all done. I am the only Sammy here so guess what that means... You got that right I am SPOILED! We Loves having you here Sammy hugs to you!

Aspen - Aspen has found a new and wonderful home with twin two legged sisters and two Sammy brothers and they are having a blast. He has a huge yard to play in and is going on daily exercise walks so that it will be easier for him to run and play. His new family thinks he is the topping on the cake and we agree! Sammy hugs to you Aspen thanks for being a part of our lives!

Solar - Just when we thought he was here to stay he gets a Perfect home. Solar now has a13 year old young lady and a wonderful momma to love on him for the rest of his life. His home is very calm and peaceful for him to relax in yet he get his wonderful walks through the neighbor hood daily. Even after we found out he had pneumonia and we suggested we keep him until he gets well his new family wanted to take him to nurse him to heath on their own. His family loved him before they got him. The road that lies ahead of you is a beautiful one Solar and we love you!
Logan - Well here I came all the way to Michigan to go to the vet, get some grooming I so desperately needed and learn a bit about trust and now they are sending me back to IN. Yup that is right I found my new family right back here where I came from. I loved visiting MI but IN is where I call home and with a family like mine who could blame me. I have a mom, dad and a little boy that I get to follow around and sleep with. Did I mention walks, walks and more walks!
Cashmere - We knew we would find that special home Cashmere needed so bad! She has 5 acres to play on with 2 other dogs, 11 horses and 5 kittens to chase around the house. If that is not enough to help bring her spirits up a mom and dad that devote their lives to their animals should do it. Sammy smiles to you little girl we will see you soon!
Bear - Chalk one up for rescue dogs we have it best! My new mom and dad think I am the best and I feel the same about them. They don't make me rush or hurry I get to take my time and best of all I know I get to be here forever they wont ever let me go. I know that where I am today I am going to get lots of lovins and long walks in the park! Who could ask for more :-) Just click here to read more about me.
Lou - Even after seeing all of the training Lou was going to need his new family felt up to the challenge and we are sure they will not regret it. Lou is eager to please and has a lot of love to give. Lou we send all of our love with you and your new family f four.
Jax - I have what I think is going to be the perfect home for me. My mom and brother are lucky enough to be able to spend all day every day at home with me so we should be able to bond quickly. My new dad loves me bunches too when he came home from the pet store with all of my new things I eagerly greeted him at the door. Thanks MSR I could not have done better myself.
Candy - Thank goodness I finally found my new home. I have a very loving home with two human brothers, one human sister and even a four legged sister to play with. My parents were very excited to take me home (even after their 2.5 hour drive to pick me up). I hope all my rescue friends hang in their until they get to find their forever home.
Buddy Roo - Has a new loving family with lots of land to run and play on and a wonderful little girl to run with. They are going to take him through his heartworm treatment process so that he has a nice, calm, relaxing place to heal up. Buddy Roo congratulations and we will miss you! My new family can be seen here.
Princess - In my new home my name is more then fitting I Love it here. I have a Sammy brother named Yukon that I get to play with all of the time and my parents love me more then I could have ever dreamed. I bet that after being here for a month or so my coat is going to fill out more then ever. I am one lucky little princess.
Cha-Chi - I have finally found my home! I have a little American Eskimo brother to run and play with all the time. My parents have found they can leave me loose in the house and I am a perfect little angle. We are still working on that part about jumping the fence but maybe someday I will get it.
Sweetie - When she came into rescue we knew we had to find a home with a lot of time to let this little bit lay on lap and get loved up. While very well behaved and well mannered she just wants to get pet, pet, pet and pet some more. So now she has someplace that will give her just that. Big hugs to you Swettie.
Cotton - I had no idea that it was possible for there to be this many people to love little me. I have exactly what I always wanted someplace where I get to be the center of attention and lots of family to walk me and love me. Don't you just love a happy ending!
Lobo - I am getting along wonderfully in my new home thanks for asking. We have lots of wonderful pets here we keep each other company rather nicely. My dad and mom love me so much and are so thankful for having me that they decided to help MSR down here in IN I guess you could say that is all thanks to me :) You are welcome MSR. Check it out I am showing off!
Bitsy - In the beginning everyone seem rather concerned about my health but I have been spayed and they found out that I am going to live a Long and Healthy life. My new home is just like I had hoped I get to go for walks everyday that would be when I give the two cats that I live with a bit of a break. I am the first dog for my new mom and dad but I think they are Wonderful and I could not possibly want anything more. MY MOM AND DAD LOVE ME!!!
Penny - Home at last! It was a long journey but I made it to my new home in WI. I have a sister Sammy named Shelby that also came from MSR and a brother named Lighting boy do I keep them going. Well I was just taking a quick break to tell you Hi I am off to play! Here I Am Here I Am Here I Am Little Miss Penny Strutin My Stuff!
Sid - Sid was just what his new family needed. After adopting Gus from MSR in October they were addicted like so many of us are. Now that Gus has gotten use to the idea of having this new little guy around the fun has just begun. I am sure with these two they will have their hands full but Sid couldn't possibly have it better :) Click here to see my dad, my brother and I
Belle - When Belle got to rescue we had her family all picked out it was almost like she knew they were waiting. She enjoys spending her days with her new mom, dad and Great Pyrenees year old sister. This beautiful little girl is the princess of this castle. Click Here to see a picture of my sister and I!
Sammy - I live in a very cozy home with a couple of cats I play with now and then and as you can see a wonderful human brother. My mom takes me on walks all the time we have fun together. I had a Mal sister when I first came to my new home but she has since gone to play at the Rainbow Bridge. Did you check out the sutd on the left that is me can you believe how happy I am this is Great!

Annabelle - Finally I got to go to my new home! I love my new mom and dad but whew my sister and I really have a good time. I have a huge yard to run and dig in and two people and one dog that do nothing but love on and play with me. I have a kitten sibling as well but she does not like me to I try to give her some space. Thanks MSR I LOVE IT HERE! Click here to read more about me


Sergi (AKA SAMMY) - Sergi is very happy at his new home with his very own two legged brother to play with all of the time. He was only listed on the site for one day before his family called to say they thought he was the one. With plenty of room to run and play we are certain he will have many days full of Sammy Similes! Hey I just sent in a letter and some pictures look how much fun I have at my new home just click here.

Mika -- Mika is just under a year old and was only in rescue for less than a week!. Kodi (one of our previous rescues) just fell in love with Mika and his parents came and took her home....forever! Click Here
Maggie - Maggie happed to come to us purely by chance but we were are lucky to have her as she was to have us. She now has a beautiful home and two wonderful human sibblings to run and play with all day. Click here to read Maggies story.
Nikki -- Nikki was a stray off the streets of Detroit and was adopted in less than a month! She also went to a previous adopter and will be extremely happy in her new home.
Liberty's happy ending. A very special dog! -- Liberty has been one of our most wonderful dogs. He's been scared of everything since the day he came into rescue. We worried no one would would want a dog like him and he was passed over for a year. Liberty has managed to get himself the perfect forever home. Read this 4 yr. old boy's story. You may want to grab a Kleenex.

Snow -- This sweet boy is the lucky owner of a Texan! Our longest distance adoption, his new human drove all the way here to get him. Now if that isn't love.... Who knew my perfect home was so far away! I dropped a line and even a new picture click here to check it out!

Sasha -- I am a 7 year old gal who has been through a lot! But I'm finally home with my new sister, brother, and mom and dad. They adopted my brother Arthur through MSR a few years ago! They're so wonderful and I'm so happy! Hey check it out my family knows how to refer to us Sammy's.

Stanley -- Stanley has had a long, hard life and at 7 years old, has finally found his forever home! He'll be living out the rest of his years with a great family with human siblings to keep him company.

Pebbles--Oh boy, oh boy! I have second chance at a wonderful life! I have 2 humans of my own now and they're crazy about me!Since I'm only 18 months old, I'm going to keep them on their toes!

Caycee--Caycee has finally been adopted after a year in rescue! This sassy Sam has 2 legged brother and wonderful, loving parents. She's in a gorgeous home out in the country complete with a horse-farm across the way!

Eros --Eros was found up north and taken in by the nice people at the Charlevoix Co. Humane Society. They tried their best to clean him up but he so matted, they actually found a nail and screw inside the mats! He's in great home and he's got a beautiful Sammy sister and 3 human sibling's to play with all day long. He somehow found the time to send us the sweetest letter; read it if you have time!

Gus -- This beautiful, 4yr. old boy came to us so full of mats that he had to be shaved. He's been adopted by a wonderful home with lots of ladies to dote on him and only him. What more could a man ask for? Click here to see the new and improved Gus

Destiny (Bear) -- My name was Destiny but now it is Bear. I was abandoned of the streets on a major city and picked up by some very nice people who cared lots about me. They cared enough to drive me to the Upper Peninsula to go to my forever home. I love it; the snow is great!

Jasmine -- adopted after only ten days in the Rescue -- 4 year old stray out of Shiawassee Animal Control, she is now the princess living it up as the queen of her new castle complete with her human kids and one handsome Sammy boy.

Shelby -- Shelby has finally been adopted after almost a year in rescue. She's now got a family of her own with doggie siblings to play with. Thats me on the right. Happy tails Shelby! My mom and Dad loves sending new pictures as much as MSR loves to get them check it out.

Click here to see dogs that were adopted before October, 2002

Click here to read about so of our babies that have now gone on the Rainbow Bridge