Fostering -- Fostering is a very rewarding role to play in rescue. We will cover all medical expenses for your foster while they are in your care.You will provide a loving home until he dog can be placed and help to determine the dog's personality. You'll never be stuck with a dog; if anything goes wrong, we'll take it back. The number if dogs we can help is limited by the number of foster home we have.

Transport -- From time to time, we may need your help to get a dog into rescue. You may actually pick up the dog for us or be asked to fill in a leg of a longer distance rescue. Can you spare a few hours of your time for a little road trip?

Home Checks -- Home checks are essential to what we do as rescue. We don't dig through cupboards or peek in medicine cabinets; we just ask ourselves if the home in question is appropriate for the dog being considered.

Sponsorship--You aren't in the position to adopt but you really like a certain dog or, you just want to help. Our newest option, you can sponsor a dog. We'll put your name up on our site as his sponsor and let you know when he gets adopted. You donation will go to the care of that dog.

Other forms of Donations:

  • Bathing / grooming / dematting of a rescued dog, especially when they are received into rescue
  • Training and/or socialization of rescued dogs -- sometimes this is as simple as taking the dog for a ride in the car on a regular basis to get them over a fear of riding
  • Donate the cost of one spay or neuter per year
  • Donate prepaid long-distance cards for use in returning calls about dogs in need of rescue, placement of rescues, reference checks, etc.
  • Donate stamps for use in mailing adoption applications and other correspondence
  • Donate gift certificates for photocopies or have applications and information copied on behalf of rescue
  • Donate Heartguard, Frontiline and/or Interceptor in the appropriate size/weight range for the prevention of parasites and heartworms until the dog is adopted out to a home
  • Donate the cost of a classified advertisement to help advertise dogs lost/found or available for adoption
  • Volunteer to answer calls in response to classified ads
  • Donate gift certificates for the purchase of dog food / pet supplies when needed (we ask that you please check with us prior to purchasing actual bags of dog food to donate for the following reasons: 1) switching brands of dog food can upset a dog's digestive tract, thereby further complicating the rescue's recovery, 2) our need for dog food is directly proportional to the number of rescues we have at that time-- we don't want the dog food to go rancid and be wasted)
  • Donate leads
  • Donate brushes, combs, or other grooming equipment appropriate for Samoyeds
  • Donate items of value to be raffled or sold to raise money for rescue
  • Donate prepaid gas money to fund transport of rescues
  • Offer to coordinate and run a raffle, garage sale or Internet sale of items to raise money for rescues
  • Donate new or good-condition used equipment such as crates, kennels, pens, exercise pens, etc.
  • Donate metal dog food bowls and water buckets
  • Volunteer to check your local pound or shelter for unadopted Samoyeds whose time is running out and assist in getting them into rescue
  • Donate kennel-type towels for grooming and clean-up purposes
  • Donate gift certificates at an office-supply store to purchase needed supplies
  • Donate the cost of microchipping the rescue for identification at the group's veterinarian's office

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We URGENTLY need foster homes, anyone interested should please contact:
Richard Kimmerling
Phone: (810) 736-4898
Email: rich@michigansamoyedrescue.org

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