The Michigan Samoyed Rescue takes great pride in making sure that our dogs go to only the best homes. In order to do this, we require you to complete and pass all aspects of our adoption process. We require a standard adoption donation of $250 with special fees applicable to older or special needs dogs. Extra donations are always needed and welcome.

We ask you to seriously consider your lifestyle and the kind of dog best suited for it. We rarely get in puppies and the average age of a dog in rescue is 4 years old. We will do our best to match you up with the dog that’s right for you.

*OUT OF STATE APPLICANTS We accept all applications inside MI. If you are in a state other then MI, please contact Rich@MichiganSamoyedRescue.org before you fill out an application! Thank You!

  1. Adoption application - Click below for a copy of our adoption application. Any incomplete applications will be discarded. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed. A representative of the rescue will contact you to discuss it. References WILL be checked.
  2. Vet check - We will contact your veterinarian and may need you to give them permission to release information to us. We will contact you if that is necessary. We also understand that there are first time parents out there and will not discriminate against anyone who has never had a pet or doesn't’t have a current vet, provided there are no animals in the home.
  3. Home tour - We require a home tour for all potential adopters. While we won’t dig in your medicine cabinets, we do compare your home to the description given in your application. A good rule of thumb to go by is whether our not we would let our own pets live there.
  4. Donations - Your pet is free however the $250 is a below average estimate for all of the different things that your pet has had done... Spay or Neuter, Immunizations, Rabies, Microchip, Heart worm test and Preventative, Groomed, Wormer and Healthy (most dogs come in with one or more health problems such as eye infections, ear infections, bladder infections, hot spots and so on). So please understand we do not charge for our dogs we simply must cover a portion of the cost for preparing that pet to come and live with you.

Vet checks and home tours are MANDATORY for all potential adopters. Once all of these steps have been taken and your application has been approved, you will be allowed to come meet your potential pet(s). Because we are a solely volunteer organization and our dogs are all in private, foster homes, no dogs can be seen by applicants until they are approved. We do have a waiting list available in the event that none of our current dogs meets your needs. All pets currently in the home must be up to date on all medical care and spayed or neutered.

When you get to the application you can fill it out save your changes to your desk top and e-mail it back to the e-mail address listed below (it is also listed at the end of the application). If you have any questions feel free to write anytime.

Click here for adoption application

Fill out the application and mail it to the address at the bottom or e-mail to Rich@MichiganSamoyedRescue.org.



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We URGENTLY need foster homes, anyone interested should please contact:
Richard Kimmerling
  PO Box 90714 Burton, MI  48509 
Phone: (810) 736-4898
Email: rich@michigansamoyedrescue.org

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